We solve problems caused by scratches, incisions, oxidation, welding and painting drips on windshields, dashboards, companionway hatches and cabins.

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Our procedure

Our strength

The naval sector, known for the highest quality standards, relies on our patented system for the aesthetic and functional renovation of glass facades.

The benefits of our service

Short delivery time

We opt for renovation not replacement, shortening the delivery time of your order.

Competitive costs

Renovation can save you money: there will be no reordering, dismantling, disposal, or installation costs for the replacement of damaged parts.

High quality

Thanks to our patented system, the most common damages on your glass will be totally eliminated. Your product will be as good as new.

Our latest projects

Fincantieri Spa
Carnival Dream

Renovation of c. 100 windows, external decks and passenger cabins.

Fincantieri Spa
Costa Luminosa

Renovation of c. 30 windows, external decks and passenger cabins.

Nuovi Cantieri Apuania
Traghetto Superfast

Renovation of the windows of the dashboard.

Do you know about windows films?

Glass films are an economic and functional solution to renovate glass without replacing it. By using the film, a fragile glass can become more secure and this enables it to comply with the required safety standards. In the same way, a non-insulating glass can become a high performing thermic one, improving the quality of life inside interior spaces. Moreover, a space surrounded by completely transparent glass can be transformed without sacrificing brightness. Instead, protective films are a valid solution for preventing damage caused by vandalism such as graffiti or acid etching, or by UV and IR rays that cause deterioration and aging of materials.

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